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Amerelle Switch Plates | Luxurious Wall Decor

Amerelle switch plates like many other light switch plates have really come a long way since the development of light switches. Besides the fashionable look they offer, switch plates also provide safety from electrical cables that are connected to the switch. Amerelle switch plates have been known as the most innovative switch plates on the market for quite some time now. They continuously come up with new designs and styles for their switch plates collection. Amerelles designs range from decorative to modern and are a perfect addition to any style home or apartment. Amerelle switch plates come in a large variety of models, materials, and tones. If you either built your first home or try to upgrade your existing home, Amerelle switch plates is an excellent choice all around.

Amerelle switch plates

Most homes in today's age come with boring white outlet covers and switch plates. These wall plates can make your rooms look below par. And as a new home owner, that is the last thing that you want. One inexpensive way to upgrade your home's decor is to outfit you rooms with the wonderful variety of Amerelle products. With their huge selection of home accessories, finding the right items to add to your decor should not pose a problem. They are an easy to install, do it yourself upgrade that instantly beautifies every home.

Types of Amerelle Switch Plates

Amerelle offers several kinds of wooden switch plates as well. You can get finished and unfinished wooden wall plates. Depending on your need you might decide on the unfinished wall plate, which gives you the opportunity to stain it to your liking and help you match your rooms design. If you have a more modern home, Amerelle switch plates come in modern colored brass as well. Brass and nickel is also available in different colors and is the perfect wall plates for a more contemporary home. Besides switch plates, Amerelle also offers several other decorative accessories that can easily be matched to your switch plates. One example for this would be the Amerelle night light collection. Amerelle also offers plenty of different wall plates for your electrical outlets. The wall plates come in Copper, Satin Nickel, White Enamel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black, Antique Brass , and Stainless Steel.

Installing switch plates is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. All you will need is a flat tip screwdriver and your newly purchased amerelle switch plates. The switch plates come with the necessary screws to fasten them to the switches electrical box. Position your switch plate over the switch, tighten the screws and your all done.

Amerelle switch plates are widely available at big retail and hardware stores. Since Amerelle has been around for quite some time and has a great reputation, you can easily say that you will definitely get a great product. With fair cutting edge design, great pricing, and quality, you can be sure that with Amerelle switch plates you get the best switch plates for your money.

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