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Amerelle Wall Plates | Amazing Wall Plates For Your Home

Amerelle as been a leader in the switch plate market for quite some time. They have consistently found a way to produce new designs and styles. So, it is to no surprise that amerelle wall plates are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors. Combined with different finishes that are compatible with today's manufacturing capabilities, the available options of wall plates seem to be endless. Today, amerelle wall plates are not only designed to keep you safe from electrical wires, but also to dress up your homes decor. Most homeowners come across typical wall plates. Sadly, they are seen as the boring white plates that seem to be the standard around light switches. An amerelle wall plate will give any homeowner the possibility to match their current room design and really customize their living space.

amerelle wall plates

The available wall plates range from contemporary, to decorative, to vintage. Most common materials and finishes that are currently available are: bronze, wood, nickel, copper, stainless, plastic, and different plastics. Given these different materials, amerelle wall plates can be matched to any design. This way, you could use a brushed nickel wall plate to match your nickel faucets in your bathroom. And a decorative bronze wall plate can be used to match the classic look in a living room for example. There are also a wide variety of children's wall plates available. These are great for smaller children's rooms and can be matched to the room's theme. They come in a variety of shapes and patterns that are sure to blend beautifully with the rooms decor. Children's wall plates can commonly be found in different animal shapes. Most kids adore various zoo animals such as zebras and monkeys. If by any chance you are unable to find the exact animal that you are looking for, there are plenty of animals that should be similar to your animal theme. Yet another fun and easy installation for you and your child to appreciate.

amerelle wall plate

Once you have decided which amerelle wall plate style you want to go with, installing the wall plates is relatively easy and can be accomplished within a couple of minutes. Since amerelle switch plates come with the required screws necessary for installation, all you need is a screwdriver to install them. All you have to do is line the wall plate up and fasten the screws. It is really that easy. So as you can see, installing amerelle wall plates is an easy way to quickly update your rooms decor and freshen up its look.

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