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Brass Switch Plates | Luxurious Metal Dressings for Your Wall

Contrary to popular belief, brass switch plates aren't a thing of the past. In fact they are becoming a more popular trend today. Often in more modern setting, brass switch plates are the ideal switch cover to use. There are various styles of switch plates on the market today. People have different reasons for changing their switch plates. One reason in particular would be keep up with the designing world's ever changing style. When looking for a modern or contemporary wall plate, it is common to either go with a brushed nickel or brass switch plate.

Brass Switch Plates

Brass switch plates can be used in rooms that have a large array of colors to the most simple color scheme. In the past, brass switch plates were usually paired with rooms that contained a dark pink, green, or even gold color. Today, brass switch plates can be paired with white, floral patterns, damask, black and more. Rooms that typically have brass switch plates are contemporary or modern and chic. You may even find a traditionally designed, Victorian style room donning this color switch plate. In most gaudy styles, you will typically find a surplus of gold or brass color used with their accent colors. So, brass wall plates today are found to be both stylish and classic pieces.

These particular switch plates can help you make a statement when it comes to designing your room. By placing your brass switch plates in the the right circumstances, your space will appear refined and professional. Remember to follow certain rules when it comes to placing you switch plates. Do not place your switch plates in a room that has dark green or mauve color. When pairing with lighter colors, your brass switch plates should be seen as merely and accent color. It is a good rule of thumb to remember the 60-30-10 rule when it comes to your color choices. Sixty percent of your room is the primary color. Your primary color is usually the wall color because that color will be in excess. Thirty percent of the room would most likely involve the second largest part of the room. This part would most likely include the furniture. And finally the last ten percent of the room will represent your accent color. Pillows, artifacts, and fixtures will be part of this category. So for a room that will qualify for brass switch plates, you should also have other items in the room of that same color.

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