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Brushed Nickel Switch Plate Covers

Great information on brushed nickel outlet covers.

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brushed nickel switch plate covers

Brushed Nickel Switch Plate Covers | Nickel Switch and Outlet Covers

Many homeowners often overlook their wallplates when decorating their rooms. One way to make your light switches stand out is to use brushed nickel switch plate covers. People often do not realize how a couple of wallplates can often add extra charm to any room instantly. Most homes these days are often sold with cheap white plastic switch plates. So when renovating or just updating your decor, make sure to also change out those old boring switch plates

brushed nickel outlet covers

Brushed nickel has a great modern look to it and is often used for faucets and other accessories around the house. Nickel switchplates combined with brushed nickel outlet covers can really change the design of any room, especially bathrooms. If you combine these wall plates with a nice brushed nickel faucet, your design will flow together and give your bathroom a well pulled together look that is ageless. There are up to 10 different brushed nickel finishes but most commercial goods are usually made out of the two most popular one. Brushed nickel switch plate covers have been brushed to give it that destinct look using extremely fine grit sand paper. This procedure will give the metal a great finish that is loved by people all around the globe. Some other metals that are commonly used for brushing include stainless steel and aluminum.

Brushed nickel has been popular for ages and has been around since about 3500BC. The look is very appealing to home decorators and has therefore found a place in many home accessories. Brushed nickel switch plate covers are sold at many home improvement stores and are also available online. You will be able to find several different designs besides the plain old switch plate type everybody is familiar with. Nice shapes combined with the great texture of brushed nickel make it a great addition to any room. Some of the basic switch plate dimensions are for a single switch: 2.75in x 4.5in. For a double switch: 4.5in x 4.5in and a triple switch: 6 3/8in x 4.5in.

Where to find brushed nickel switch plate covers

Make sure that you shop around when looking for brushed nickel switch plate covers because some stores might only carry a small variety. By shopping around for different nickel switchplates, you are sure to find the right one for your taste. Prices can range from a few dollars up to 30 dollars depending on the brand and quality of the switch plate. Most of the time, for switch plates, it is quite alright to go with the cheaper version. Most of them look the same and usually perform very well over time. So as you can see, brushed nickel switch plate covers are an excellent way to touch up your old decor and add some new attitude to your design.

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