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If you are looking to save a few dollars on your home improvement project, it might be advisable to purchase cheap switchplates. Many homeowners will sometimes be surprised by the actuall cost of some of the more fancy wall plates that are available in stores and on the web. Some switch plates can run upwards of thirty dollars. When you are just updating a single room you might consider such a price. But when you are purchasing switchplates for your entire home, the cost can add up and leave your wallet empty.

cheap switchplates

Don't worry, there are several options available that are cheap, affordable and look great. There is no need to spend your hard earned money on a overpriced switch plate when a discounted version can look close to the same for a fraction of the price. One limitation that I have found is that most cheap switchplates will mostly come in plastic. Plastic switch plates can look great and will definetly last quite some time. If you are interested in any other material, you might have to search a little harder.

If you are looking for a stone or ceramic switchplate, you might get lucky searching the sale corner or bargain bins at your local hardware store. These places can be a gold mine if you get there on the right day. I have seen boxes of cheap switchplates sitting there with steep discounts as high as 80 percent. These are usually older models and when the manufacturer comes out with new designs and styles, the store will try to move the old product.

cheap switch plate covers

If you are more into custom switch plate covers, you might be out of luck trying to find cheap switch plate covers. Since most custom work is done for specific customer, finding something on sale that also satisfies your taste is next to impossible. You do however have the option to purchase cheap switchplates and customize them yourself with some paint or material. This can be a fun project, cost very little, and can really make a switchplate look great.

As you can see there are several options to find cheap switchplates. Browse local hardware stores for sales. Browse well known websites like ebay.com or amazon.com for switch plates. These sites sometimes have great deals and you might be able to find a wider variety of cheap switchplates than in brick and mortar stores. There are also several websites that sell imperfect switchplates. They offer a wide variety from lutron screwless wall plates, 4 toggle switch plate covers, cheap switch plate covers, allen roth wall plates, designer wall plates, and everything in between. You can really pick up a great switch plate if you do not mind a little imperfection. With a little bit of effort, you will be able to locate cheap switch plates and update your rooms look without breaking the bank.

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