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Decorative Switch Plates

Decorative Switch Plates | Stylish Switch Covers

When we talk about switch plates, everybody thinks of the plain old white pieces of plastic that surround your switches. But the truth is that there are plenty more options out there to help you dress up your rooms decor besides plain old wall plates. A great way to add a little flair to your rooms is to use decorative switch plates. Decorative switch covers can really brighten up a room and is a simple to install accessory that can be easily matched to your present color scheme.

Decorative Switch Plates

There are several different types available and there is no shortage of design choices to pick from. when it comes do decorative switch plates, the possibilities are endless. Many different types of wall plates will fall under this category. I personally would consider a decorative switch plate cover, a cover that has some decoration on it. Anything other than the plain old colors and shapes that most homeowenrs are used to. Some people prefer decorative switch plates that have been painted. The painted switch plate options are endless and there are wall plates available with everything imaginable painted on them. Cars, flowers, seasonal images, animals, people, abstract art, and even fruit can be painted on switch plates. Sky is literally the limit.

There are also decorative switch plates available that have been coverd by wall paper or other material to mach your walls. This can be great if you want you switchplates to blend into your existing decor. It can help camoflauge your switch plates and provides a great look that will flow with your design. Other types of decorative switchplate covers include metalic wall plates. These plates can have elaborate designs and can easily be described as master pieces. I have seen several that just look stunning with decorative trim work and designs.

Making your own decorative switch plates

If you truly want to match your current decor, I would highly recommend making your own decorative switch plates. This will give you full control about what color paint to use, or what color and design wall paper you would like to use. It can be a fun project and will garantee that the wall plates will match your color scheme.

Decorative Switch Covers

If you do decide to make your own, you can use your existing switch plates. This will greatly cut down on your cost since you don't have to go out and buy new plates. Next, you would have to decide if you would like to paint or cover the wall plate with fabric or wall paper. This will depend on your existing decorating scheme in your rooms. It wouldn't make much sense to cover your decorative switch plates in wall paper if you do not have any wall paper on your walls. You can also cover the wall plates in fabric. This can give you a chance to incorporate fabrics that are found throughout your room.

As you can see, decorative switchplate covers are a great way to add some new style into your decor. The many options that are available make decorative switch plates a great addition for any homeowner.

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