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Electric switch plates have been around for quite some time, and they are not just meant to look nice but also keep people safe from exposed wires from light switches and outlets. Nowadays, wall plates are not only for lights and outlets anymore, but cover a wide variety of other electrical items. We are wiring up our houses with coaxial cables, Ethernet cables, etc and have also created switch plates to match. Here are several examples of electric switch plates that you might find useful.

electric switch plates

Coax Wall Plates

Coaxial cable has been around for as long as cable television. Almost every newer home comes pre wired with coaxial cable in each bedroom and living room. Since the cable is run inside the walls, it also has to exit through the wall. This is were coax wall plates come in. It helps give it a nice clean finish were you can connect your television to.

Computer Wall Plates

These wall plates are great for offices. They will allow you to run all cable associated with a computer through the walls. The electrical switch plates will provide access to all the important connections and keep everything organized. This is great when your computer is in a bad location in the room or if you just want to get rid of the cable mess.

Tv Wall Plates

Usually installed in your living room, these plates usually include power, cable, and other connections for to television. This allows all connections to be in one central place and keeps you from having to string cables across the room. Tv wall plates are a must have for every Entertainment enthusiast and are a great way to add electric switch plates to your home.

Hdmi Wall Plates

With the recent growth of hd televisions, the hdmi cable was born. It now has found a home in almost every American home that watches an hd signal on their tv. Hdmi wall plates are not that common yet, but are a great addition to any home currently using hdmi cables. Some newer upscale homes include these switch plates, but they are not very common.

Component Wall Plates

Just as with the hdmi wall plates, component electric switch plates are more common with video enthusiasts and will greatly cut down on your clutter. You can also have a central video signal that you want to be seen in every room connected. All wires run through the walls and finished off with wall plates.

These are just some examples about different electric switch plates that are available. As you can see, installing these wall plates might be a great idea in certain situations. Since electric switch plates are usually pretty affordable, upgrading your home and eliminating some of the clutter the cables are causing is almost a no-brainer.

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